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Having created the list of acceptable types of hybrids, I think I should mention the sort of things that the Group doesn't accept, for clarification.

:bulletred: Literature
:bulletblack: Sorry! I'm sure there are a lot of great authors with hybrid characters out there, but it's just too time-consuming to confirm that any one piece of literature has hybrid characters in it, or that they play enough of a role in the piece to be accepted into the Group.

:bulletred: Sexual content
:bulletblack: Suggestive work is fine up to a point, but there are limits.

Neko's edit I've decided to allow nudity into the group, but anything explicitly sexual will be outright declined. How do I define this? Well, a naked character isn't necessarily going to be sexual. A naked character playing with it's naked bits(or anyone else's bits, for that matter)? Yeah, not allowed here!

:bulletred: Dollmakers and bases
:bulletblack: Dollmakers are great for creating quick character references and coming up with ideas, but this group is for things you made yourself; we're not going to judge the quality of your art, but we want it to be your art. Use of bases is disallowed as stolen bases are simply too common; and yes, "stolen" does include "giving credit" to the anime/game/etc it was traced from.
:bulletorange: Collabs, including the use of free lineart, are still allowable. Free lineart bearing too close a resemblance to official works will be scrutinized for theft/tracing before being accepted.

:bulletred: Human hybrids and neko/kemonomimi
:bulletblack: If your character can be described as "human with animal parts" they should not be submitted to this group. This is a group for non-human characters.
:bulletorange: Transformation images involving a human as the originating species may still be accepted depending on how far the transformation has progressed. More on transformation is available in the list of acceptable hybrids.

:bulletred: Vague/unspecified hybrids
:bulletblack: Tyrannosaur/chameleon is a clear hybrid. Dinosaur/lizard is not.
:bulletblack: Wings, horns, fangs, and claws do not qualify a character for hybrid status unless the character shows additional traits of an actual winged/fanged/etc species. A demonic wolf is still a wolf, an angelic fox is still a fox, a vampiric wombat is still a wombat.

:bulletred: Single-species taurs and crossbreeds who only take after one parents
:bulletblack: I'm hoping this doesn't actually need to be said, but in the event of nitpicking, here it is. This group is for anthros who display traits of multiple species, after all.

:bulletpink: Quad/feral characters
:bulletblack: This Group's definition of "anthro" is "humanoid," which can only rarely be judged visually in a character that hasn't got humanoid anatomy; behaviour is difficult to judge in still images. For the time being, members and visitors should not submit quad or feral characters.