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:bulletpurple: Crossbreeds
This one is fairly simple. The anthro in question has physical features of multiple distinct species. For example, gryphons, part feline and part avian.
:bulletblue: Examples:……

:bulletpurple: Half-&-half
Not quite crossbreeds, half-&-halves are when the species is different above the waist than below the waist. Merfolk are the best example... although of course being an anthro group the upper half would be anthro, not human.
:bulletblue: Examples:……

:bulletpurple: Pattern swaps
A pattern swap is when the markings of one species are applied to another, such as a goat or wolf with the markings of a bluejay or clownfish.
:bulletblue: Examples:……

:bulletpurple: Animal/plant hybrids
This type of hybrid will be the most forgiving to the "base" animal species. Plant mix anthros should contain a clear combination of plant and animal traits, not just have an anthro covered in vines/flowers/etc.
:bulletblue: Examples:……

:bulletpurple: Patchwork
A patchwork is a hybrid with the physical characteristics of multiple species distributed piecemeal over the body, and/or is actually stitched together.
:bulletblue: Examples:……

:bulletpurple: Conjoinment
Similar to patchwork, except not only are they comprised of multiple species, they are comprised of multiple characters, having two or more heads. For the sake of clarity, the individual characters involved do not have to by hybrids on their own, but the end product should consist of at least two species (which means bluejay/canary conjoinment is allowable, but something like orca/orca is not)
:bulletblue: Examples: no qualifying submissions are currently in the HybridAnthro galleries

:bulletpurple: Real-world hybrids
Discernible hybrids do exist here on good ol' earth! Their anthro counterparts are more than welcome to this group.
:bulletblue: Examples:……

:bulletpurple: Transformation/Shapeshifting
Yes, we accept transformation images. This is the only time the group will accept characters with distinct human features, and even then the character must already have an animal head and at least partially furred limbs, preferably a tail as well. If it's a human-to-anthro the end result also has to fit into one of the other categories of hybrid (since a tiger or panda aren't hybrids, after all). Anthro-to-anthro shifts in-progress should show both the beginning and end species clearly.
:bulletblue: Examples: arrow-quivershaft.deviantart.c……

:bulletred: This is just meant to be a general guide on what the group accepts. Some of these categories bleed into each other, and images may be accepted that don't fit into any of the listed categories. Please be sure to check the list of disqualified material as well to see what this group will not accept.